Setupkids will endorse both free and paid tools in our recipes.  We will always try to suggest a free alternative, but we recognize that no charge does not always mean no overall cost.

For example, there are solutions that will only partially automate a particular process but possibly add new manual processes to the overall workload, many times manual work costs surpass what a paid tool will cost you.  Our goal here is to offer solutions to add overall value.

Here is the list of tools we officially support with links and price rating.

$ Free for Non-Profits

$ Manageable annual fee for NPOs (possibly only admin needs to pay)

$$ Monthly fee for NPOs limited users (doubtful every user will need a license)

$$$  Project sized pricing with long-term costs (this may end up costing more than Salesforce, per month, per user, data-based pricing etc…)

User Interface

Back End Operations

  • DLRS Declarative Lookup Roll-up Summary (sometimes pronounced Delores) – Allows complex data rollups outside of what NPSP or Salesforce can do out of box.  Writes Apex calculation routines for you. $
  • Roll-Up Helper – Paid alternative to DLRS (includes individual support) $
  • Lookup Helper – Similar apex wizard as above but used to relate objects to one another when field values align automatically.  $

Admin Tools

  • Apex Dataloader – Windows/Mac software that allows you to insert/update/upsert/delete/extract data to/from Salesforce $
  • Field Trip – Quick field level data analysis $
  • EasyDescribe – Quick metadata lookup $
  • DemandTools – Windows desktop tool that connects to Salesforce and allows you to: $
    1. Find and merge duplicates for any object
    2. Find records in Salesforce based on a flat file (excel,csv,access etc)
    3. Mass change data based on conditions
    4. Import data based on a set template
    5. Download data
    6. View and change data with an Excel-like interface
    7. Auto-schedule any of the above
  • Parentfixer – Fixes bug in Salesforce that allows account hierarchy to be corrupted on merge, apologies for the bad pun on the site $
  • Microsoft Access – MS Office SQL database application – Useful for safely analyzing and transforming data outside of Salesforce $


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