About setupkids

Setupkids.org is a collection of blogs, recipes, general advice and admin stories to help small organizations harness Salesforce.com in a way that is usable, manageable and can scale towards their organizations future needs.

Because the world of non-profits is so diverse this site will lean towards supporting the world of K-12 education. That said many of the solutions offered here are not specific to any charitable focus.  Most organizations must raise funds, track programmatic progress, manage internal operational business process.

Our mission is to make Salesforce administration seem less daunting to someone first taking on this role.  Whenever possible we will aim to provide detailed step-by-step guides backed by enough background to inform if any given solution is right for your organization. We also hope to supplement these guides and recipes with real-world cases and the people behind them.

We are not here to promote ourselves as paid consultants. We are not here to promote Salesforce or it’s partners as the one solution for any business problem.  Our goal is to be open and honest in the interest of supporting people with jobs much like ours and thus supporting kids and causes we all work for.