Use Chrome Extensions to speed up your Salesforce Admin-ing

As a Salesforce Admin, you’re always looking for ways to save your users a few clicks.  Do you do this for yourself as well?

Here are some handy Chrome Add-Ons that can get you through the day with fewer clicks and fewer open tabs.



You need to download your 34 backup files one at a time every week.

You need to open 12 records in a list view.

Traditional Procedure: (Number of links equal # of clicks)

Move mouse Ctrl-Click to open new tab, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…

How LinkClump Transforms your Process & Saves you Time:

With Linkclump – Just right click and drag your links

and it opens new tabs instantly.


Scenario: You need to open 12 records from a report as new tabs. (1 click , 1 drag)

See above! GTD!

Note:  I’ve noticed LinkClump sometimes interferes with web apps specifically ones that allow you to right-click to export using a custom embedded web-app menu.  All Chrome Apps come with a couple of gotchas here and there.

Quick Login As


You need to masquerade as several users to do some testing.

Traditional Procedure: (10 clicks)

Search for the user, navigate to the user record, select user detail, select login, find the tab you had open and refresh it for the user.

How Quick Login Transforms your Process & Saves you Time: (4 clicks)

With Quick Login As – click the app icon. selectuser1

Use an existing list view or search for user.

Login As

Select Login.

Salesforce API Fieldnames


You’re on a detail record and quickly need the API name of a field for a formula or other code.

Traditional Procedure: (20 to 60 clicks)

Navigate to the admin side panel.

Select view fields.

Search for the field.

Copy the API name.

How Salesforce API Fieldnames Transforms your Process & Saves you Time: (1 click)

Click the API Fieldnames app icon. quickapi1

Field labels on the page transform to API names.

Copy the name right off the page layout.
SF API Fieldnames.2 Id Clipper


You need the 18-digit record ID for a record in a list view, report, search results page, or on the record detail page.

Traditional Scenario: (A whole lot of clicks, pain relievers on hand)

Modify a report to include the 15-digit record ID or change a page layout to include the ID, then convert the ID into an 18-digit record ID using a third party website or excel plugin.

How the ID Clipper Transforms your Process and Saves you Time: (2-3 clicks)

On a record detail page, click the scissors oncescissors to copy the 15-digit ID to your clipboard, twice to copy the 18-digit ID, and three times to copy the entire URL.

We’d love to hear from you: what are your favorite extensions that save you time? Share with us in the comments below!


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